• The Big Four

    • The basics of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
    • Where to create profiles based on your industry and demographics
    • What visual and non-visual elements should be available on these pages
    • How customers interact within these platforms
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    • Where to source a logo designer and what to ask for
    • Determining the visual elements of your brand (fonts, colors, etc.)
    • How a brand package is created and used to create consistent, on-brand content

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  • Content Strategy 

    • To determine your businesses current marketing/social media goals
    • How to draft consistent messages/content that speaks directly to your target audience
    • To post audience specific content to the channels where that audience “hangs-out”
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    Content Creation

    • Learn cellphone photography tips
    • Learn where to source free stock images and elements to create beautiful graphics for business
    • Follow along within Canva to see how social media posts & graphics can easily be created with your businesses branding in mind
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