General Business Loan

General Business Loan

From small businesses to even larger ones, there are many times when a business may need a commercial loan. Perhaps you need to procure new machinery or equipment? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your facilities or buildings. Or perhaps a loan is the only way for you to improve or expand your business to tap new market opportunities. Banks and other traditional lending institutions can often be unavailable to you. At CBDC Blue Water, we might be able to help!  

How we can help?

Loans up to $150,000 may be available to eligible applicants. All loans are repayable and offer competitive repayment terms and interest rates. Financing can include a demand or term loan, a loan guarantee, or equity investment. Loans will be secured, and can be from one to fifteen years, giving you the chance to develop your business while being free from financial burden.

Do you qualify?

CBDC’s General Business Loan may be offered to businesses that meet the following qualifications:

  • Entrepreneurs or businesses purchasing a new or existing company in rural Halifax Regional Municipality.
  • Expanding an existing business.
  • An existing company in need of working capital.
  • Both year-round and seasonal businesses are eligible.
  • Eligible business expenses may include: start-up, land and buildings, fixed assets, machinery and other equipment, fixtures and furniture. In some cases, vehicles strictly for business uses may also qualify.
  • Franchise purchases and Leasehold improvements are also eligible.
  • Potential borrowers must show a legitimate chance of economic viability. Employment creation and/or maintenance without negatively impacting existing area businesses is also a necessity.