Entrepreneurial Training Fund

Entrepreneurial Training Fund (ETF)

Do you need training to improve your business? (ETF)

Take advantage of the Entrepreneurial Training Fund today!
Business management skills training has been deemed an essential resource for Atlantic Canadian entrepreneurs.
The Entrepreneurial Training Fund can provide up to 90% of the cost relating to business management
skills training, with rates varying by CBDC. Clients are responsible for paying at least 10% of the cost of the training, under normal conditions.
The Entrepreneurial Training Fund is designed to provide funding to entrepreneurs to enable them to
strengthen their overall business management skills through training and counselling.

How CBDC can help you?
Business skills refer to general business skills that are needed by all business owners.

These skills generally fall into the following categories:
· Marketing and communications
· Accounting and finance
· Management
· Human resources
· Other business management skills

Examples of eligible ETF training activities include, but are not limited to:
· Training courses focusing on business management skills offered online
· University courses (excluding full-time studies) with a focus on business management skills
· Business skills training and counselling designed to enhance the client’s overall knowledge in business-related skills.
Costs associated with providing training to potential entrepreneurs and/or existing entrepreneurs that can be in the form of, but not limited to, one-on-one consultation,classroom-style courses, seminars and workshops, in areas such as:
· Accounting/bookkeeping
· Strategic planning
· Cash management and profitability
· Marketing and promotion
· Business networking
· Public relations and tourism training
· Social media training

If you have identified a training opportunity and are interested in learning more about the ETF Program, please reach out to us.