The Shore Clothing Co.

Company Profile: The Shore Clothing Co.

The Shore Clothing Co. started in October of 2018. They are a custom clothing and apparel line dedicated to Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore. The Shore Clothing Co. sells tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, trackpants, toddler onesies, hats and other apparel. The clothing line operates online through Facebook and Instagram, but also sells in local markets around Halifax and along The Eastern Shore via their mobile store. The majority of their clothing is adorned with the clothing line’s logo.  The logo is an ode to The Eastern Shore as it features a large wave and a fin wrapped in what looks to be a setting sun.

The Shore Clothing Co. is owned by Stephanie and her family. Stephanie, her husband and her son arrived in Nova Scotia in 2017 on a military posting. They were taken by the sense of community that exists in Nova Scotia and along The Eastern Shore. They were looking to embody that in some way to find an opportunity to give back to their new home. The clothes they offer give residents of the Eastern Shore and others with close ties to it, a way to express their love of the coast.

They have done collaborations with local hockey teams to help give back to the community. Over the summer of 2020 they have also began selling face masks. All proceeds from these masks go towards the Fallen RCMP fund in memory of Cont. Heidi Stevenson. The Shore Clothing Co. has also organised events for the community of Musquodoboit Harbour, and helped other small businesses find venues to sell their own products. From their mobile store they sell items from Mill Cove Paddles and CS woodworking. They have also organised the Musquodoboit Harbour Fall Flair which will bring together a few dozen local artists, crafters, artisans, and businesses, to help promote the support-local movement and get people thinking about their shopping for the holiday season.

Stephanie receives a lot of messages asking where the store will be located. She says one of the biggest rewards from the business has been the connections she has made in the community. While the business has grown a lot over the last few years, it’s less about the money and more about getting out and experiencing Nova Scotia. She already has clients all over the world and feels happy every time she sees someone wearing a piece of her merchandise. Local businesses have been coming to the store to buy items for their employees, and her merchandise has become prevalent. The lifeguards of The Eastern Shore’s beaches, tourist and visitors to the area and locals just going about their days,can all be seen sporting The Shore Clothing Co.’s merchandise. 

If he is interested in the future, Stephanie hopes to hand the business off to her son. For now she has accepted the challenge of growing the business and has been watching it thrive!  


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