The Disc Clinic

Marc Baker opened The Disc Clinic in 2011, after completing his contract with Canadian Forces at CFB Stadacona. Since 2005 he worked for the military and in private practice. The first Disc Clinic Office was in Musquodobuit Harbour. The Disc Clinic now has two locations, one in Lake Echo and one on Portland Street in Dartmouth. Marc also spends time weekly in his Mahone Bay office, helping bring his unique and gentle style of chiropractic therapy to other parts of the province.

After completing his Bachelor of Science at Mount Allison University, Marc Baker went to New York Chiropractic College and completed his Chiropractic Doctorate in 2002.  He is a specialist in Rehabilitation Sciences and fellow of the Canadian College of Physical and Occupational Rehab. Marc has also completed 300 hours in Acupuncture Training at McMaster Medical School.

Throughout his time in school Marc was experiencing some significant disc issues of his own. While in school Marc found a chiropractic technique called Cox Flexion Distraction. This technique helped him find treatment for his own disc issues, and Marc became drawn to this technique in his own practice.

The Cox Technique is a gentler form of chiropractic therapy. Rather than focusing on cracking and applying pressure to joints, Cox Flexion Distraction implements small movements and the rotation of joints, combined with careful pressure to treat low back pain and leg pain, but also neck and arm pain. Patients who undergo this treatment lay on a specifically designed table with multiple mechanisms which support the body while treatment is underway.

In 2007 Marc was certified in the technique and has maintained certification since. He is now an instructor in the technique. He teaches local chiropractors about Cox Flexion Distraction and owns two of the three tables used for the treatment in the province.

In 2013 Marc was looking to expand his business and be able to offer more services. He came to CBDC Blue Water looking for financing and was able to benefit from some of the other services offered.

About his experience with CBDC Blue Water Marc said, “We became clients of CBDC in the spring of 2013. After very quickly learning some of my blind spots, CBDC was great at helping us get the ship turned around and provided financing and we’ve been clients since. We have enjoyed the financial seminars and some of the social media help as well.”

Marc opened the Portland Street location in 2015. The Disc Clinic’s staff has grown as well.  The Disc Clinic now has multiple chiropractors, massage therapists, a pedorthist, and a physiotherapist. Marc says having other people that know how to treat pain has been beneficial as he knows that the treatments he offers are just part of his patients recovery, “We have all these people that work together. I have never felt like I have all the answers...  so, having a group of people around me that I can discuss, chat and work with has been a great thing.”

In 2019, the Musquodobuit Harbour Office moved to Lake Echo. Marc also began providing his services from his office in Mahone Bay once a week, sometimes on Saturdays, an experience he describes as rewarding, praising the patients he sees as being some of the best. Since opening, Marcs specialised treatments and Cox Flexion Distraction has gained him patients from across the province. The Disc Clinic has amazing reviews and staff have been praised for their knowledge, patience and affective but gentle treatments.

So if you are looking for some pain relief, relaxation or help recovering from day to day discomfort The Disc Clinic has everything you need.

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