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Company Profile: Smooth Meal Prep

Nevell Provo played Division 1 basketball in the United States, played for Team Canada and then played at Saint Mary’s University where he finished his degree. His schedule was busy to say the least, but his family supported him throughout. During his studies and while he was playing basketball, Nevell would always come home to his mother’s delicious, healthy home cooked meals. These meals were always a comfort to him, and helped him stay on track as an athlete, saving him time when university became busy. After graduation, with his career in basketball coming to a close, Nevell was left wondering what he was going to do next.  

One day his mother told him she was trying to save money for a trip. They brainstormed how they could help her make a little extra money and Nevell offered to sell some of her cooking to family and friends. They cooked together and pre-pared meals, he helped her market them and within a week they had over ten people interested, and it just kept growing. Seeing so much success in such a short time, he wondered how far he could take this, and Smooth Meal Prep was founded.

After starting Smooth Meal Prep, Nevell pushed the business forward and they quickly outgrew his mother’s kitchen. Nevell and his family came to CBDC with the plan of taking the business to the next level. Through funding, Nevell was able to move into a kitchen in the North Preston Community Centre. In this space he grew the business from around 10 customers a week to 30, but the demand never stopped. In a little over a year, Smooth Meal Prep has grown into a new, larger kitchen allowing them to service over 100 customers a week and employ a staff of 10.

Smooth Meal Prep seeks to ease some of the burden of cooking, shopping and planning your weekly meals, all while offering healthy food delivery alternatives. They make healthy, pre-cooked meal plans to fit your lifestyle needs. Smooth Meal Prep has an assortment of meal plans including vegan, muscle gain, fat loss and more, which they can tailor to each customer’s individual needs. They offer meal plans at affordable rates and deliver them across Halifax and the surrounding areas.

In their first year of business Smooth Meal Prep has grown exponentially. Even during the impact of Covid-19, Smooth Meal Prep has continued to grow. They have expanded their services to include family meal plans, which fit in nicely with their current meal delivery services.

In the next few years Smooth Meal Prep is looking to expand out into the Atlantic provinces. With their eyes set on the rest of Canada!

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