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Company Profile: Flox Hair

Emily Shea is the owner and operator of Flox Hair, which started in Hammonds Plains and soon moving to Halifax. Flox Hair provides wigs and alternative hair solutions to those who suffer from hair loss.

Hair loss is something that can negatively affect many in their lifetime, regardless of cause or age. Although typically considered a natural part of aging, hair loss can begin much earlier in life due to other circumstances. Emily herself began suffering from hair loss at 17 years old and found she struggled to find solutions to suit her needs.

When speaking with Emily, she mentioned how there were generally only options available for an older demographic but there was a lacking in diverse solutions for the younger crowd. As a young person she struggled to find solutions that appealed to her, leading to her hiding her hair situation from family & friends.

Shortly after, Emily went through school and began growing her Marketing and Graphic Design career within the corporate world. Although she loved what she was doing, she knew it wasn’t what she wanted to do forever. In 2020, with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Emily found herself working from home with lots of extra time to spend on personal growth.

Throughout the lockdown period, Emily began toying with the idea of starting her own business. She saw there was a clear need for wigs and toppers that would appeal to women who suffer from all conditions causing hair loss. 

Emily prides herself in being an excellent planner and because of this, knew she wanted to get in touch with a business advisor to guide her along the way. After searching for organizations that aid small business owners and their start-ups, Emily came across CBDC Blue Water. She had heard that we provide small business loans and a one-on-one approach to business guidance.

Jennifer O’Quinn, a Development Officer at Blue Water was first contacted by Emily in 2021. Emily approached Jennifer for a meeting at our satellite office in Saint Margaret’s Bay. There, the two were able to discuss Emily’s options regarding her start up. Being the planner that she is, Emily already had much of the content required to start her application process. Emily said, “Jennifer has been a huge, huge help throughout the process, and continues to provide assistance when necessary”. 

Emily is currently expanding her operation and will be opening a private salon suite in Halifax in the coming weeks. Here, she will be able to cut and style the hair pieces that are being sold. Allowing her to produce custom solutions for her customer’s needs.

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