4 Seasons Florist

Company Profile: 4 Seasons Florist

When you walk into 4 Seasons Florist you are greeted by the soft scent of freshly trimmed flowers. Potted plants and healthy succulents line the shelved walls. The space is bright and welcoming. On the far wall of the store there is a large walk-in fridge full of their available flower selections. Above the service counter is a large shelf filled with flowers and pots in every colour of the rainbow. There is a freshness and lightness in the shop that blocks out even the thickest, humid summer heat. Standing behind the counter you will often find Laura Byers, the owner of this little oasis.

Laura worked at a flower shop in Lunenburg throughout high school. A job she loved and looks back on with fond memories. After high school, Laura’s career took her away from flowers and into a less creative industry. Towards the end of 2019, Laura was looking for work when she saw a flower shop for sale on Sackville Drive. Until this moment, opening her own flower shop was a dream she had carried around with her, but now it was accessible. Laura decided she was going to go for it.

Laura acquired funding through CBDC Blue Water to purchase the business and get started.  CBDC Blue Water staff assisted her with getting herself set up for success and her shop has thrived its first few months, despite the many obstacles 2020 has thrown its way. Laura has been able to stay busy during the isolation that Covid-19 brought to Nova Scotia. She made floral arrangements for families looking to connect and share moments when they couldn’t be close to each other.

In Laura’s first year of business she has seen nothing but growth, both in business and her in family, with the birth of her first born. Being a new business owner and new mom has not come without its challenges, but Laura loves what she does. She cherishes the moments of creative planning she gets to do every day when she is working on a floral arrangement or creating a special bouquet for a customer.

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