2 Paws Up

Company Profile: 2 Paws Up

2 Paws Up was started in 2016 by Madison when she was just nine years old. She started off baking treats for her golden retriever pup named Cooper. Copper loved the treats and Madison felt good knowing she was providing him with clean, all-natural, healthy snacks. Seeing how happy her treats made Cooper, Madison decided to bake treats to share with more dogs, and her business grew from there.

2 Paws Up provides dog bones, training treats, and pupsicles so that you can treat your dog to a variety of special treats. In addition to their treats, they offer a monthly dog treat package subscription, and cater to doggie birthday parties providing treats and beautifully decorated cakes so that you can spoil your furry friends on their special day. 2 Paws Up has become well known to local dog owners, and Madison takes pride in knowing that pups will put two paws up for her dog treats.

When Madison and her mom came to CBDC Blue Water they were looking to take their business on the road. They wanted to be able to travel to different events around the province. They were looking to attend new weekend markets, dog-related events and exhibitions, and be able to travel to different animal rescue centres around the province. With the funding they received they were able to renovate the 2 Paws Up Dog Treat Trailer, complete their branding, improve their online presence, and buy the equipment and supplies they needed to grow.

Madison is growing up with her business, but her passion for it is unwavering. In 2019, she was awarded the Minister’s Entrepreneurship Award of Excellence in the Innovation and Creativity category. Through her hard work with 2 paws up Madison has been able to make donations to local animal rescues. Madison regularly donates to the SPCA, and has partnered with many local organisations like Marley’s Hope, Rescue PAWS and Fly with Me. She not only shares her treats with the dogs awaiting their forever homes, but she has also donated proceeds from her business to directly help rescue and foster animals.

Madison’s mom Kelly says that 2 Paws Up has been a wonderful chance for their family to have fun and spend time together. Madison’s brother has helped manage their online presence, creating graphics and setting up their website. Madison bakes the treats and distribute them locally and across the province. When things get busy Kelly is there to help. They also have three golden retrievers named Copper, London and Charlie, who work hard as in-home taste testers.

2 Paws Up’s birthday cakes have been one of their most popular products, and they are impressive! The cakes often feature multiple tiers, and swirls of peanut butter icing. They have candles and a custom dog bone treat featuring the birthday pup’s name. The cakes are packed full of the proteins, fruits and veggies that are both safe and delicious for every pup. Madison and Kelly sometimes bake the cakes together and it is no small task. 2 Paws Up’s cakes can take up to 8 hours to complete, and the care put into them shines through every finished product.

In the future Madison hopes to continue to grow her business and to partner with more local rescues. She wants to take on more regular clients and continue attending events to distribute her treats! 

You can see what 2 Paws Up is up to by checking them out online at: