General Business Advisory

Our Business Development Officers offer objective and practical advice.

The one-on-one approach we take in advising clients is designed to provide you with the knowledge, know-how and tools to manage your business. Areas of advising services may include:

  • The referral to other services and specialists as required.
  • How to plan, register and start a small business.
  • Government services and regulations that affect businesses.
  • Economic and market information on your community and the world
  • Exporting advice and services
  • Other specialized data bases.
  • Assist clients through the process of writing a business plan. CBDC Blue Water does not write business plans. Rather, we assist our clients through the process as needs arrive. This assistance will include a review of the business plan for content and accuracy.

Digital Marketing Advisory

Our Marketing Coordinator can offer advisory services regarding the Digital Marketing of your small business.

This service is designed to help CBDC Blue Water’s clients succeed using online methods to advertise and market their business online. Advisory topics may include;

  • How to determine a business’ target market,
  • Understanding the best marketing channels to reach customers,
  • Helping clients determine a manageable strategy to remain consistent with their content marketing,
  • Providing tips to business owners to use social media to help grow their brand,
  • The referral to freelance marketers/graphic designers as required.