What is a CSM & How to Choose It?

What is a CSM & how to choose it? (Web platform for Website)

First, a CMS is a management system that allows you to structure the content of your website. To create and execute its various functionalities, for example:

  • Show your products
  • Buy online
  • Describe your company values
  • Where and how to contact you
  • Integrate your activities/posts from your social networks
  • Menu navigation
  • View your promotions
  • Media (images, videos, etc.)
  • And much more!

Before embarking on the design journey of your online store (or showcase website/non-transactional), it is essential to evaluate the different platforms that are available, according to your short, medium and long-term needs, and your basic knowledge of the web.

To make the right choices and achieve your goals with your transactional website, here are some things to think about. Although CMS generally offer several free functions, keep in mind that customizing your website to stand out from the competition, by modifying existing templates for example, and updates can cost you an additional amount. The CMS should also allow you to easily manage user access to ensure that you give them access to sections that they can modify or not.

You can also always work with specialists to insure a professional look and result. For example:

  • Ecommerce Agency
  • Web / Graphic Designer Freelancer
  • Web Developer
  • Photographer
  • Translator
  • Etc…

In this way, you are sure to obtain quality support from experienced people, technical updates in terms of security. They can also provide basic training so you will be capable to do small modifications to be made anytime to your website.

Take the time to choose your web partner carefully.

Who will create/update your website?

  • A web-savvy team that will cost you $$$
  • A student but who is going to leave for 3 months on Gilligan's Island
  • A friend of a friend of a friend, who is no longer your friend's friend
  • Someone you trust who referred you.
  • Agency that you find on Search Google

CMS Security

A much know, recognize CMS will usually have a more active lookout for security, flaws and anomalies that may arise and be more compatible with mobile friendly, pad user. Also, a custom develop website will generate higher costs, but you will be assured of having a functionality that fits better with your vision and your needs.

Do you know that?

Before making your final decision on which CMS to choose for your website, you can test it!

Navigate through its user interface to:

  • See if you are comfortable there
  • See if its use will be easy for your employees
  • Test adding content, changing images, adding products, etc.
  • Check if it supports advanced features, such as adding a calendar, selling from a digital product, inventory management, orders.
  • And more…

These tests are even more important since they will allow you to see if the CMS meets your needs and to see how your daily tasks will go. Especially if you need to update your website regularly.

In summary, you must consider several criteria to choose your CMS. No matter which one you choose, the important thing is that it is suitable for your business.

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