How to Manage Holiday Time Off

How to Manage Holiday Time Off

"Ah, the Holidays, you are probably struggling with the multiple requests for time off or even if you are self-employed you don’t have to see “red”.

If it’s not managed properly, it can affect not only employee holiday time off with their family, but also your business operation.

So, even if you operate a small business or self-employed, you’re probably wondering how to handle holiday vacation."

Plan in Advance

There’s no reason any type, size of business can’t plan. You can start working on the schedules three to five months in advance.

Have a vacation calendar, that shows when each employee expects to be on vacation throughout the year.


First Come, First Served

If your staff know they want to be off over the holidays, they know they must ask for the time off way in advance. Why not hand in hand with a first come first served policy is covering the number of people that can take off during the holidays.


Alternate the Schedule

You may not be able to keep a full staff during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you have to close early or provide a reduced level of service. An alternate employee vacation schedule is to make sure you always have coverage, and at the same time, give employees time off during the holidays. It’s a win-win situation!

For instance, during the holidays, you can have someone working in the morning and another worker takes the afternoon shift.


In anticipation for holiday hiring, if you are operating a business that picks up during the holiday season, you have also the option to have part time staff, like international student that may not have the opportunity to travel during this time. It’s also a good idea to keep in contact with these part-timers year-round so you’ll know their availability ahead of time.

Offer a Holiday Bonus

Hey, let's be honest, with the current inflation rate, Money Talks! Your employee may rather want more money and take time off later in the year. So, you can offer them a bonus, gift card or pay them extra dollars during specific holiday hours.

Work Remotely

If your staff can accomplish tasks remotely, letting them work at home during the holidays can be a productive way to get things done. In the past years, a lot of organisations proof that working at home is a viable option.

Communicate with clients

If you can not operate and need to close, advise your clients in advance. They will appreciate and can plan their activities according to your schedule.

Have a great Holiday!

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