Grant 101 for small business owners

Grant 101 for small business owners


"Cash is crucial for any business. It’s the lifeline to its operations and future success. Entrepreneurs who remain resourceful can receive this funding effectively. One resource to consider is grants."
Grants provide a source of income without needing to be repaid. It’s free cash!
Opportunities for grants become frequently available, matching our ever-changing economic environment. Because of this, it is in your best interest to stay consistent in your search.

Some quick tips

1. Know your Business Identity

Knowing your business industry, purpose, and other characteristics is crucial to an effective search in determining eligibility and finding support for the specific need. Some of these processes are long with information overload, but staying diligent in determining the program qualifications will save you valuable time and frustration.

2. Government Resources

Another starting point is looking through federal, provincial, and local government resources. They all provide a multitude of guidance, information, and tools targeted for small businesses to support economic development and surrounding communities.

Using the Government of Canada website, complete The Business Benefit Finder. An online questionnaire that filters and finds existing programs you could be eligible for.

The Business Benefit Finder:

3. Staying up to date with the news

Keeping up with local and national news can also ensure you don’t miss any new opportunities or programs. Any economic disturbance to an industry or area could incentivize demand for new relief programs and supply quick funding.

4. CBDC Blue Water News Page | Newsletter

We also keep our eyes open for opportunities and programs our clients in rural HRM areas may be eligible for.

Therefore, visiting our website frequently, news page, subscribe to our newsletter and following our social media are great ways to keep up to date and not miss out!

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