Tips to succeed as a woman entrepreneur

women in businessDid you know women represent 20% of small business owners?

That’s a 1 to 5 ratio compared to men. In today’s modern working world, women still face gender inequalities that make successful women-led businesses difficult to achieve.

If you’re a woman wanting to succeed in this male-dominated economy, here are some suggestions to work on to grow your business. 

1. Networking

Building relationships is crucial for any area of success. It’s foremost to put yourself and your business out there. It’s also a great way to exchange information, create opportunities and find more contacts and mentors who can all help grow your business.

Women tend to have greater depts of communication and emotional intelligence than men. Use your natural strength to connect with like-minded individuals motivated to succeed and create strong relationships and advantages.

Networking opportunities expand all over and around HRM, some more specific than others, even events just for women. Bring your business cards, and make sure to follow up on LinkedIn.

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2. Know your business inside and out.

Gender bias is heavily present in our society today. Many women face negative gender stereotypes and assumptions that undermine the female representation of owning or starting your own business. Many will assume your abilities through the lens of gender.

Make sure you know your stuff. Having a decent knowledge of your business and the market will limit setbacks when opportunities come your way. You should know your business financials (balance sheet, income statement and cash flow), your competition and other business technicals to avoid negative perceptions.

3. Mindset

Have the right mindset. Believe in yourself and your abilities. If you don’t believe in your business, then who will? Be confident in who you are. Align your values within the business. Create a vision and mission to work towards.

Be okay with rejection and failure. Every successful entrepreneur knows you must fail to succeed. Having a healthy mindset for when these setbacks occur will allow you to bounce back and jump on the next opportunity. 

4. Training & Education

How is your business going to grow if you aren’t?

Along with knowing your business technicals, seek out new training and education. Try to learn something new everyday or practice and master a skill.


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